About us

Seafarer RIBS’s (also known as inflatables) are made with either an aluminium or fiberglass hard bottom. Our aluminium hulls are designed in house, and built in NZ by local aluminium boat building experts. 

Seafarer tubes are made from quality German Valmax PVC (plastic) and TPU (polyurethane) fabrics. Fabrics are welded, using our unique duel lap seam welding system. Our Thermobond welding machine has been customised to suit Seafarer's manufacturing system, and allows us to 100% thermobond weld the tubes, producing reliable, high quality, welds.  We specialise in PVC and TPU fabrics, and have vast experience on Hypalon builds too. 

All fastening holes in our hulls are pre-drilled before powder coating, to eliminate any corrosion. We use high quality marine grade aluminium and dulux powder coating compound.

Seafarer RIB’s are very light weight and fuel efficient  The hard RIB hull and inflatable collar combination, increases the buoyancy of the boat, making them extremely stable. Inflatable boats are the first choice for Military and Law enforcements, due to their stability.  Because of their versatility and wide range of benefits, Inflatable boats are becoming more and more popular with boaters not only here in New Zealand, but all around the world. Perfect for fishing, diving, water sports or as a dinghy for your private yachts.

Seafarer Inflatables are 100% Kiwi made, built by experts, to last.  We cover a wide range of boat sizes from 2.1 metres long to 5.5 metres long (or bigger on request), our RIBS can be set up in different formats, for different uses, and completely custom made.